PTZ camera vs. Dome camera: what is better for stadium CCTV? (Видеонаблюдение для стадионов) CCTV for stadiums – what will be better:
PTZ cameras or Dome cameras?
0:31 Typical structure of the stadium.
1:01 Dome camera is installed usually on the roof.
1:18 With Dome camera you can look from 0 up to 90 degrees.
2:24 With Dome camera on the roof you can see the whole of the stadium, but there are 2 limitations.
2:50 It's difficult to see the face of the people.
3:28 It's not easy to clean Dome camera.
4:03 PTZ camera can look over the rising.
4:40 It's much more easier with PTZ camera to get face identification.
5:09 PTZ camera has a wiper and a washer pump.
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